Jharkhali Watchtower – Sunderban National Park

Jharkhali is swiftly gaining prominence as the new gateway to the Sundarbans, the renowned mangrove forest of global acclaim. Its strategic positioning makes it a prime choice for tourists eager to explore the vast expanse of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and its surrounding areas.

Located on the western and northwestern fringes of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, Jharkhali offers convenient access to several watchtowers scattered across the core area of the Sundarban National Park. Visitors can easily embark on expeditions to Dobanki and Netidhopani within the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, as well as explore watchtowers and camps such as Bonnie Camp, Kalash Dweep, Haliday Island, and Kalash Beach under the Sundarban 24 Parganas Forest Division.

Positioned as the upcoming “Gateway to the Sundarbans” following in the footsteps of Canning and Godhkhali, Jharkhali’s appeal is bolstered by the establishment of the Tiger Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. Additionally, visitors can enjoy attractions like a watchtower, a children’s park, and a butterfly garden, enhancing the overall tourism experience. Jharkhali is poised to become a favored entry point for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty and biodiversity of the world’s largest mangrove forest.

Jharkhali Tiger Rescue Station – sundarban