The Dobanki Watch Tower within the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve holds an enduring appeal for visitors, drawing many who seek to experience its renowned canopy walk. However, it’s important for tourists to manage their expectations, as the belief that visiting Dobanki guarantees tiger sightings is unfounded. The Sundarbans National Park does not keep tigers in captivity; instead, it offers a chance to marvel at the park’s natural wonders.

While Dobanki Watch Tower boasts a notable presence of the Royal Bengal Tiger and offers opportunities for wildlife sightings, encountering these majestic creatures is never assured. The tower also features a captivating Canopy Walk, spanning approximately 496 meters and situated 20 feet above the ground. Protected by sturdy fencing and netting, this walkway provides panoramic views of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve forest.

Dobanki’s allure extends beyond its tiger inhabitants; visitors may also spot Chital Deer, Otters, Monitor Lizards, Wild Boars, and various avian species, including Adjutant Storks, Jungle Fowl, Eagles, Raptors, and Falcons. During winter, Whistling Ducks congregate around the camp’s sweet water pond, adding to the area’s natural splendor.

In addition to the watchtower and canopy walk, visitors can explore the Bonabibi temple and the Residential Administrative Quarter of the Guardians of the Sundarbans. A trip to the Sundarbans would be incomplete without experiencing the wonders of Dobanki Camp, its watchtower, and the exhilarating canopy walk.

Dobanki Watch Tower Tourism