Sunderban Wild Camp | Best Wildlife Jungle Resorts

Sundarban Wild Camp, situated in the picturesque location of Dayapur, stands out as one of the most luxurious wildlife lodges in the Sunderbans. As a well-known eco-friendly resort, it offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich flora and fauna of the world’s largest mangrove forest. Sundarban Wild Camp, a prominent resort in Sunderban National Park, seamlessly blends the thrill of wilderness with modern comfort.

The strategically located camp boasts well-appointed accommodations, including six environmentally friendly mud cottages and two spacious bungalows. The cottages, with thatched roofs and mud walls incorporating bricks and tin roofs, can accommodate up to three people each. Meanwhile, the bungalows provide space for four individuals, ensuring a perfect blend of comfort and connection with nature.

Sundarban Wild Camp goes beyond comfortable lodgings and offers exceptional facilities and features. The on-site restaurant serves delectable traditional Bengali cuisine along with other culinary delights. The resort also provides essential amenities such as room services, generator backup, a travel desk, a play area, and parking, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. With warm hospitality, impeccable services, and flawless arrangements, Sundarban Wild Camp promises to make your wildlife holiday in Sunderbans a truly memorable experience.

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