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Sundarban Wild Camp Is A Luxurious Accommodation Option In The Sundarbans, Known For Its Exceptional Three-Star Services. Nestled In Close Proximity To The Sundarban National Park, It Is Situated In The Charming Dayapur Village On Satjhelia Island. This Exquisite Resort Spans Across An Impressive 12 Bighas Or 4 Acres Of Land, Enveloped By Vast Paddy Fields, Serene Waterbodies, And Lush Green Vegetation. Renowned As One Of The Premier Lodging Choices In The Sundarbans, It Owes Its Distinction To Its Rustic Village Atmosphere And Its Nearness To The Unspoiled Natural Beauty Of The Area. The Vast Expanses, Surrounded By Extensive Paddy Fields, Offer A Profound Sense Of Seclusion In The Heart Of Nature. What Sets This Resort Apart Is Its Self-Sustainability, Boasting Its Own Organic Vegetable Farm, Poultry Farm, And Livestock Such As Cows And Sheep That Provide Fresh Milk, As Well As Ponds Stocked With Fish To Cater To Guests’ Needs.


Undarban Wild Camp Is A Luxurious Village Agritourism Experience That Seamlessly Blends The Charm Of Rural Living With The Comforts And Amenities Typically Found In A 3-Star Modern Accommodation. Here At Sundarban Wild Camp, We Pride Ourselves On Offering Top-Tier Lodging, Complete With A Wide Array Of Contemporary Conveniences. Our Cuisine Caters To All Tastes, Featuring Delectable Seafood And Vegetarian Dishes. We Go Beyond Standard Accommodations, Presenting An Abundance Of Supplementary Activities Designed To Immerse Tourists In The Untamed Spirit And The Enchanting Essence Of The Mystical Sundarbans.

Our Comprehensive Sunderban Tour Packages Cover Transportation, Dining, Lodging, And A Range Of Recreational Activities Such As Village Strolls And Serene Cruises Within The Heart Of The Reserve Forest. We Also Encourage Our Guests To Partake In Local Cultural Activities, Including Folk Plays, Dramas, And Traditional Dances. Our Premises Are A Haven For Bird Enthusiasts, Where The Sight Of Various Kingfishers, Owls, Parrots, And Numerous Other Avian Species Is A Frequent Delight.

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Best Jungle Resort In Sundarban National Park

How To Reach In Sundarban Wild Camp Resort –

Planning A Tour To The Sundarbans Near Kolkata Involves Several Considerations, Including The Duration Of Your Visit, How To Reach The Destination, And The Best Time To Explore This Unique Natural Habitat. Here’s A Comprehensive Guide On How To Plan Your Tour:

Choosing The Duration:

  1. Day Tour To Sundarbans: If You Have A Tight Schedule, You Can Opt For A Day Tour To Sundarbans. This Tour Typically Includes Visits To Sajnekhali Tiger Project, Sudhanya Khali Watch Tower, And A Few Narrow Creeks For Animal Sightings.
  2. 1 Night 2 Days Sundarban Tour Packages: For A More In-Depth Experience, Consider A 1-Night, 2-Day Tour. This Package Often Includes Visits To The Bird Sanctuary, Do Banki Watch Tower, A Sunset Cruise, And Additional Narrow Creeks.
  3. 2 Nights 3 Days Sundarban Tour Package: If You Want To Explore The Sundarbans Extensively, Choose The 2-Night, 3-Day Tour. This Tour May Encompass Village Visits, Nethidhopani Watch Tower, Jharkhali Tiger Rescue Center, Bonnie Camp, And More.

How To Reach: To Reach The Sundarbans From Kolkata, Follow These Steps:

  • Start Your Journey From Kolkata And Travel By Road For Approximately 100 Kilometers Until You Reach The Mainland’s End.
  • From There, It Takes Around 1.5 Hours By Boat Or 15 Minutes By Local Transportation To Enter The Buffer Area Of The Jungle.
  • While There Are Train Connections And Public Buses, These Options May Not Be Very Convenient For Tourists. Consider Arranging Comfortable Transportation Through Tour Operators Based On Your Group Size And Budget.

Best Time To Visit: The Ideal Time To Visit The Sundarbans Or Sundarbans National Park Depends On Your Interests And What You’d Like To Experience. Here Are The Seasonal Highlights:

  • Winter (December To February): This Period Is Excellent For General Exploration. Crocodiles Sunbathing In Mud Flats Are Common Sights During Winter.
  • Bird Watching (September To March): If You’re Interested In Birdwatching, Visit Between September And March When Migrating Birds Are Present.
  • Summer: During The Summer, Natural Sweet Water Sources Dry Up, Making It Easier To Spot Deer, Wild Boars, And Even Tigers Visiting Artificial Ponds Near Watchtowers To Quench Their Thirst.

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