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Discover the mesmerizing Sunderbans Mangrove Forest through immersive boat safaris, the primary mode of transportation within this captivating water-bound wilderness. Offering an array of boat sizes, accommodating anywhere from four to forty passengers, ensures an optimal wildlife sighting experience for varying group sizes. Full Day Excursion To Sunderbans With Jungle Safari from Godkhali Port, acting as the gateway to this unique adventure, where well-maintained roadways and waterways seamlessly connect Sunderbans National Park to nearby towns. The highlight of any visit to the Sunderbans is undoubtedly the exhilarating jungle safari, drawing in numerous visitors annually. To facilitate Tiger Safari  adventure, various permits and charges are applicable, ensuring a smooth and regulated experience. While online ticket booking isn’t available, we provide assistance in navigating the necessary documentation process to secure your reservations. Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience on our safari boats as you explore the wonders of the Sunderbans. Equipped with plush sitting chairs on the deck for wildlife sightings and cozy sleeping beds in the cabin for relaxation, our boats ensure a memorable journey. Indulge in delicious meals and snacks prepared by our skilled kitchen staff onboard while you immerse yourself in the beauty of the park. For added convenience, our boats feature onboard bathroom facilities for your comfort.

Safari Timing in Sundarbans National Park | Tourism

ultimate safari boat adventure with our main boat cruise, extending until sunset. Explore three prominent watch towers: Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Dobanki, as part of this captivating journey. Our comprehensive itinerary includes visits to the Sajnekhali Tiger Project, Crocodile Project, Turtle Project, Mangrove Interpretation Center, Bono Bibi Temple, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Dobanki Watch Tower, Canopy Walk, Pirkhali, Gazikhali, and other narrow creeks, along with the convergence of Pancha Mukhani (Five River Confluence).

Sundarban Jungle Safari Tickets Booking Online Permit Cost & Rules – Online Safari Booking Sunderban National Park

In Sundarban National Park, jungle safari is the prime and most enjoyable activity and attraction. There is different permit costs and charges are involved. Booking Online tickets is not available. However we assist you to book tickets by providing basic necessary documents. sundarban safari package

Sundarban jungle safari booking

Luxury Cruise Boat(15 person Capacity) Rs 6000 per day

Luxury Cruise Boat(15 person Capacity) Rs 7000 per day

Timing 7.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Meals- Breakfast, Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Snacks Rs 1000 per head. 

Forest Guide Charges

 Forest Department Approved Guide Rs 700. per day

Forest Safari Boat Entry Charges

Boat Jungle Entry Charges Rs 600. per day

Holiday Charges Payable to Forest Department During Peak Season Rs 500 per day

Person Entry ChargesSundarban jungle safari ticket price

Sundarban Jungle permit charges and cost Rs 120 per head per day for Indian Nationals. 

Non Indian/Foreigner Extra Payable

Following are Additional Safari permit charges and cost for International Tourists.

Boat Entry- INR 600/- per day

Guide- INR 1500/- per day

Person Entry – INR 500/- per day

Boat Safari Timing: The boat service is available from early morning at 07:00 AM to the approaching dawn time of 16:00 PM.

Note: No boat is allowed inside Sunderban after 4.00 PM.

Sunderbans Jungle Safari Booking

Note: The Sunderbans National Park remains open all round the year for the Boat Safari. However, it is best to avoid visiting the Sunderbans in the monsoon seaon from July to September as the water levels of the rivers are very high due to the rain and it could be dangerous to sail boat in sunderbans during these days.


    * Please note forest remain closed on Tuesday.

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