Sundarban Wildlife Photography & Film Shooting Tour Package From Kolkata

Our Nature Photography Tours of Sundarbans are meticulously designed for photographers, offering flexible durations ranging from 3 to 6 days. With expert guides and customizable itineraries, you’ll capture nature’s splendor at your own pace. For structured experiences, opt for our fixed departure Sundarban Package Tours from Kolkata, available every weekend. Our wildlife photography tour provides exclusive access to prime locations for capturing the Royal Bengal tiger and other endangered species. With comfortable stays, custom-designed boats, and experienced guides, we ensure a seamless experience tailored for photography enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the Sundarbans’ rich cultural heritage and create unforgettable memories as you explore its wildlife wonders. Join us for an unparalleled wildlife photography journey.

Sunderban Wildlife Photography Tour India


Special Nature and Bird Photography Tours


This Sundarban Tour specially focuses on Wild Life, Nature Photography and capturing the diverse flora and fauna of the World’s largest Mangrove Forest under the lens.

Guided Tours 

Our Tours are guided by experienced guides and mentors having in-depth knowledge of Sundarbans and with vast experience in Wildlife and Nature Photography.

Photography Assistance.

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Wildlife Photography Tour 3 Nights 4 Days Itinerary / 5 Night 6 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Setting Sail for the Sundarban Wilderness

Embark on your Sundarban Wildlife Adventure from Kolkata, where you’ll be whisked away in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle to the Godkhali ferry ghat. From there, a scenic boat ride awaits, leading you to the island of Gosaba and onwards to Pakhirala. Our meticulous preparations include securing boats and necessary permits from the Sajnekhali forest department, ensuring a seamless journey. Accompanied by expert government forest guides, we’ll delve into a quick yet insightful forest exploration, laying the groundwork for thrilling wildlife encounters to come. As the sun sets, we’ll retire to our hotel for a warm dinner and a restful night’s sleep.

Day 2: Capturing Sundarbans’ Essence

Wake up to the promise of adventure with a refreshing cup of tea, as day two unfolds with an exhilarating wildlife photography expedition at Sundarban National Park. From sunrise to sunset, guided by seasoned experts, you’ll embark on a quest to immortalize the iconic Royal Bengal Tigers and the myriad of captivating creatures that call this park home. Beyond tigers, the Sundarbans offer a rich tapestry of wildlife, from crocodiles to Chital deer, all awaiting your lens. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned photographer, this tour is crafted to hone your skills and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Day 3: Exploring the Sundarban Tiger Reserve

As day three dawns, our familiarity with the forest deepens, enhancing our chances of remarkable wildlife encounters. Collaborating with photographers, naturalists, and local experts, we navigate the terrain with precision, ensuring optimal opportunities to glimpse the elusive tigers and other inhabitants of the Sundarbans. Amidst the lush foliage, expect encounters with diverse avian species, deer, monkeys, and reptiles, each moment ripe for photographic capture.

Day 4: Unveiling the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve

Venturing into the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve on day four, you’ll be captivated by its sprawling mangrove forests and teeming biodiversity. Here, amidst winding creeks and hidden alcoves, the true essence of the Sundarbans reveals itself. With every click of the camera, you’ll document the raw beauty of birds in flight and creatures concealed within the verdant foliage. This reserve is a sanctuary for both wildlife and photographers alike, offering endless opportunities for stunning imagery.

Day 5: Perfecting the Art of Wildlife Photography

Embrace day five with anticipation as we delve deeper into the heart of Sundarban’s wilderness. Led by expert guides, we navigate the terrain with patience and precision, ensuring no moment of natural splendor goes unnoticed. From estuarine crocodiles to exotic bird species, each encounter presents an opportunity to capture nature’s beauty in its purest form. With an array of avian wonders awaiting discovery, from the Brown-winged Kingfisher to the Indian Python, this day promises a plethora of photographic delights.

Day 6: Culminating in Sundarban Splendor

As our journey draws to a close on day six, seize the final moments to immortalize the unique charm of Sundarban’s wildlife. With newfound insights and skills, every click of the shutter encapsulates the essence of this captivating region. From sunrise to sunset, join us in cherishing the beauty of rural Bengal as we cruise towards Gadkhali, reflecting on the unforgettable moments captured throughout our adventure. As we bid farewell to the Sundarbans and return to Kolkata, cherish the memories of an extraordinary wildlife photography tour.

Sundarban Photography Trip Inclusion

  •  Accommodation in individual rooms/cottages as per the booking.
  •  All Meals- Breakfast (3 times), Lunch (4 times), Dinner (3 times).
  •  Evening tea and Snacks (Veg and Non Veg).
  •  Evening cultural program .
  •  Boat For Jungle Safari.
  •  All necessary entry fees.
  •  Pickup and Drop from Kolkata.

Sundarban Photography Trip Exclusion

  •  Things are not mentioned under Inclusions herein above..
  •  Audio system, Projector
  •  All Porter charges, Camera Charges.
  •  Any extra service consumed by the guest. (payable directly).