Make your visit to Sunderbans National Park more enjoyable while contributing to conservation efforts by adhering to the following guidelines:


  1. Opt for filtered water or coconut water to avoid tap water.
  2. Refrain from carrying mineral water unless medically necessary, as Sundarbans is a “No Plastic Zone.”
  3. Bring light snacks and fruits for sustenance.
  4. Carry sunglasses, hats, and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun.
  5. Bring sufficient cash, as ATMs are scarce, with only an SBI ATM available at Gosaba.
  6. Pack common medicines for potential health issues.
  7. Essential items include a torch with spare batteries and extra camera batteries.


  1. Strictly avoid carrying polythene bags as Sunderbans National Park is a “No Plastic Zone.”
  2. Keep the habitat pristine by refraining from littering from boats or launches.
  3. Do not use sound systems, loudspeakers, or shout, as it disrupts wildlife and disturbs fellow visitors.
  4. Obtain a valid permit before entering Sunderbans National Park/Tiger Reserve from designated offices.
  5. Stay within the park only from sunrise to sunset, refraining from hunting, fishing, or entering prohibited areas.
  6. Respect regulations set by the forest department and appreciate the natural surroundings.
  7. Dress in colors that blend with the environment and maintain a respectful distance from wild animals.
  8. Do not light fires or smoke in protected areas, and adhere to the prohibition of campfires and camping.
  9. No entry is permitted after sunset or before sunrise, and night driving is strictly prohibited.
  10. Avoid entering the core area and strictly follow rules regarding noise, pets, weapons, and inflammable materials.
  11. Cooking in rooms, carrying packed food, feeding wild animals, and fishing are strictly prohibited.
  12. Observe speed limits and noise restrictions within the Protected Area.
  13. Stay within the lodge complex and refrain from moving on foot outside it.
  14. Flashlights and photography of wild animals are not allowed.
  15. Smoking on elephant back is strictly prohibited.
  16. Bathing in river water is not permitted.
  17. Maintain proper conduct, avoid misbehavior, and do not be in a drunken state in the Forest Lodge.
  18. Avoid using heaters and other electrical gadgets.
  19. Entry to tourist lodges without reservations is strictly prohibited.

Most Important Things To Do & Dont’s In Sunderbans