Visit Sundarbans Tiger Reserve In India

The Sundarbans boasts an immense scale, with expansive stretches of ever-changing watery terrain enveloped by the world’s largest continuous mangrove forest, spanning an impressive 10,000 square kilometers. Tiger Population: Within this delta, home to the largest network of channels and mud banks globally, thrives the most significant single population of tigers. These majestic felines, reputedly the largest on the subcontinent, leave traces of their presence through their tracks, although sightings are infrequent due to their adept camouflage and the dense foliage. Environment and Wildlife: Acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, the Sundarbans are annually revitalized by the monsoon, which carries vital nutrients from the distant Himalayas. Besides tigers, this delicate ecosystem sustains a remarkable diversity of wildlife, including estuarine crocodiles, which prey on the abundant fish population, as well as spotted deer and a plethora of bird species. With over 220 documented species, the vibrant kingfishers stand out as a prominent symbol of the region’s thriving ecology.

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