The only Eco Tourism Resort in Sundarban

unforgettable journey with Tour de Sundarban, where you’ll immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Sundarban like never before. Our all-inclusive trips from Kolkata offer a comprehensive experience, including bird watching, night safaris, and exhilarating day-long boat safaris into the Tiger Reserve. But that’s not all – your adventure extends to our exclusive Eco Village, specially crafted for our guests. Here, you’ll connect with nature in its purest form, surrounded by the wonders of the Sundarban. Let us guide you through this magical expedition, and discover the Sundarban in all its magnificence. It’s time to experience this natural wonderland the way it truly deserves.

Tour De Sunderbans - Sunderban National Park

Eco Village Stay In Sundarbans

Eco Village embodies a collective vision cherished by diverse visitors on our tours. Our journey from concept to reality has been transformative, channeling our aspirations into a space that harmonizes with the local environment while providing essential comfort for our guests. Set amidst the breathtaking landscape of the Sundarbans, locating a suitable site with both natural beauty and logistical feasibility was surprisingly attainable. By marrying these elements, we’ve created a haven where authenticity thrives.

Maintaining such an organic space presents its challenges, particularly in the face of annual cyclones, saltwater intrusion, and the inherent difficulties of island life. Yet, the intrinsic rewards of sustaining this venture far outweigh the toil. Our location in Dayapur 10 No Bazar, enveloped by tribal communities and bordered by a river, offers a unique vantage point where mangroves and village life coalesce into a tapestry of serenity.