Sundarban National Park & Tiger Reserve India | Tourism Guide

Explore the enchanting beauty of Sundarban National Park in West Bengal, where the majestic tiger prowls stealthily amidst lush mangrove forests. Delight in the symphony of nature as birds serenade the air with their melodious tunes, while the occasional roar of motor boats adds to the ambiance. Navigate through the intricate network of creeks and tributaries, marveling at the diverse ecosystem that surrounds you. Sundarban National Park, a biosphere reserve, national park, and tiger reserve, sprawls across a vast delta spanning 40,000 sq. km between India and Bangladesh. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, aptly named “beautiful forests” in the local language, is renowned for its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes.

Sunderban Wildlife Tourism - Royal National Park Tourism

Sunderban Tourism | Sundarban Tour India

Sundarban, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers unparalleled opportunities to witness wildlife in its natural habitat, drawing visitors from around the globe to marvel at its beauty. Famous for its iconic Royal Bengal Tigers, whose striking orange and black stripes captivate all who encounter them, this national park spans 102 islands on the Indian side. In addition to its majestic tigers, Sundarban boasts various attractions such as crocodile and turtle farms, wildlife museums, and watchtowers scattered across its vast landscape. Explore the charming wildlife sanctuaries nestled within the Sundarban Islands of Lothian and Halliday, enriching your wildlife tour with unforgettable experiences.


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