Sunderban Weekend Tour Packages

captivating wildlife adventure in Sunderbans, where enchanting natural beauty meets impeccable wildlife encounters. As the largest mangrove forest in the world, Sunderbans boasts meandering waterways, rustic village life, and a diverse array of aquatic species, all set against the backdrop of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in West Bengal is a haven for nature enthusiasts and a dream destination for photographers.

Opting for our Sunderban weekend tour promises a true wildlife extravaganza amidst a breathtaking setting. Unlike other national parks in India, the game drive in Sunderbans is an experience in itself. Cruising through picturesque creeks allows you to immerse yourself in the sanctuary’s wilderness. Whether it’s spotting an Indian tiger, indulging in bird watching, or catching a glimpse of dolphins, Sunderbans offers a plethora of exploration and experiences.

The unique ecosystem and abundant wildlife habitat house over 70 tigers in the Indian region, along with 270 species of birds, 35 species of reptiles, 42 species of mammals, and 8 amphibian species. This wildlife tour of Sunderbans guarantees sightings of common wild animals such as fishing cats, wild boars, macaques, jungle cats, foxes, pangolins, flying foxes, spotted deer, and common grey mongoose.

In addition to an unforgettable wildlife experience, our Sunderbans holiday packages ensure the utmost comfort and a hassle-free vacation with our impeccable services and arrangements. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Sunderbans and create lasting memories in this extraordinary natural paradise.