Sundarban Houseboat Stay- Explore Sundarbans National Park

Planning a houseboat tour in the Sundarbans? Here’s what you need to know.

The Sundarbans, renowned for its delta formation and diverse wildlife, boasts around 100 islands, with approximately 53 designated as jungle areas. These islands are interconnected by creeks, varying in width from narrow passages to expansive river formations. A notable spot is the convergence of five rivers, often covered in most tours. These creeks fluctuate with the tides, filling up during high tide and drying out during low tide, necessitating marine transportation for navigation. The Sundarbans National Park comprises two main areas: the core zone, strictly off-limits to tourists, and the buffer zones, open for wildlife sightings. Additionally, there are inhabited islands within the Sundarbans, where residents rely on basic mechanized country boats for inter-island travel.

For tourists, the experience is considerably different. Daytime is typically spent cruising the backwaters, exploring watch towers and narrow creeks. Tourist boats are well-equipped, featuring amenities such as bunk beds, kitchens, and toilets on the lower deck. The upper deck offers lounging areas for soaking in the forest views and cool breeze. Some options even include Sundarbans AC Houseboats, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay amidst the mangroves.

Cost For Booking of Sundarban Tourist

Boats for Sundarbans tours are categorized based on their capacity, which determines their size and passenger limit. A basic two-cylinder boat can accommodate up to 18 persons, while a four-cylinder boat can hold 35 passengers, and a six-cylinder boat can carry up to 45 passengers. It’s important to note that these passenger capacities include the boat crew, typically consisting of three members, including a cook and a forest guide.

When selecting a boat, consider that smaller boats can navigate deeper into narrow creeks, providing access to more secluded areas. On the other hand, launches are larger marine vehicles, offering greater stability in rough waters and higher passenger capacities. However, they are limited by their inability to navigate in relatively shallow waters.

Houseboat Per Day Basis.

Tourist Boats

4 Cylinder INR 5500/-(Off Season)/ 7500/-(Season).

6 Cylinder INR 9000/-(Off Season)/ 120000/-(Season).

Launch Rs 15000/-(Off Season)/ 18000/-(Season).

Sundarban AC Houseboat- Coming Soon.

​Note: This is cost of Boat/Launch rental only.

Boat Timing – 7.00 AM TO 5.00 PM

This includes following- Boat/Launch rental, fuel for boat, Water for toilets and washing, 2 manpower(Driver and Helper), Sleeping arrangements, cutlery, utensils, etc.

Extra payable for Sundarban Houseboat booking- Cook, Helper for cook(required for bigger groups), Mineral/purified drinking water, Gas for cooking, all food items groceries, perishable and non-perishable, Jungle Entry permits for boat/launch, person entry charges, guide charges, etc. Remember you need to provide food for the drivers, helper, cook, cooks helper, guides.

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