Sundarban Complete Travel Guide India

Sundarban Complete Travel Guide India

Welcome to the enchanting Sundarbans National Park, a one-of-a-kind destination nestled in the heart of West Bengal. Explore this comprehensive travel guide to ensure an unforgettable journey to this unique paradise.

Location of Scenic Sundarbans: Situated approximately 110 kilometers from the Durga Puja Capital, Kolkata, Sundarbans National Park can be easily reached by car through a three-hour drive to Godkhali. As you traverse rural villages, you’ll be led to this renowned destination, known for hosting the largest mangroves in the world within the Sundarban Tiger Reserve.

How Can We Get There? The only way to access this natural wonder is by boat to Sajnekhali island, the gateway to the national park. Sajnekhali island serves as the entry point, where you can obtain park entry tickets priced at Rs 60 for Indians and Rs 200 for foreigners.

Best Time to Visit Sundarbans: For a truly memorable experience, plan your visit during the dry seasonal months from November to February. This period offers favorable weather conditions to explore the diverse ecosystem of Sundarbans National Park.

Boat Safari Timings: Embark on your adventure with boat safaris available from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. It’s important to note that no boats are allowed after 6:30 pm in Sundarbans, ensuring a safe and regulated exploration of the park.

Where to Stay in Sundarban? Embrace the eco-friendly atmosphere of Sundarbans by choosing simple accommodation options that immerse you in the village and wildlife ambiance. For budget-friendly hotels, Gosaba, the largest island in Sundarbans, is the ideal location. Numerous jungle camps and tourist lodges in Sundarbans National Park offer a comfortable stay amidst nature and wildlife.

Some of the Best Places to Stay in Sundarbans:

  1. Sundarban Mangrove Retreat: Experience luxury and comfort.
  2. Sundarbans Jungle Camp: Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.
  3. Sundarban Chital Tourist Lodge: Enjoy views of enchanting wilderness.
  4. Sundarbans Tiger Camp: Serenity in the midst of nature.
  5. Tiger Safari Resort: Budget-friendly with stunning sunrise and sunset views.
  6. Tiger Roar Resort: Discover scenic private lakes and soothing migratory birds.
  7. Sundarban Riverside Holiday: A haven for nature lovers.

Choose your accommodation wisely, and let Sundarbans National Park captivate you with its breathtaking beauty and rich biodiversity.

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