Palamau Tiger Reserve, Jharkhand, India

The Palamau Tiger Reserve, one of the original nine Tiger Reserve in India safari in India, is the only one located in Jharkhand. It is part of the Betla National Park and has a rich history dating back to 1947 when it was first designated as a protected area under the Indian Forests Act. Previously used for cattle grazing and camping, the area was highly susceptible to forest fires. In 1974, it was officially established as the Palamau Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger, aimed at preserving India’s endangered tigers and other wildlife. Visit Palamau Tiger Reserve.


The reserve is part of the Indo-Malayan realm, notable for its diverse flora and fauna. Predators in the reserve include tigers, leopards, wolves, wild dogs, and jungle cats. Herbivores such as sloth bears, four-horned antelopes, and mouse deer are also found here. The first tiger census, conducted via pug mark counts in 1934, showed a declining tiger population until 1972 when only 17 tigers remained. Following the sanctuary’s establishment, the population rebounded to 55 in 1989 and was recorded at 54 in 1991. Additionally, the elephant population, which began with 20 elephants released by the Maharaja of Surguja, has grown to over 104.

Other notable mammals in the reserve include sambar, barking deer, cheetal, pangolin, and Indian ratel.

Palamau Tiger Reserve, Jharkhand, India

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