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Before embarking on your journey to the Sundarbans National Park, ensure you have access to an experienced and knowledgeable guide to enhance your visit. Whether you’re a foreign tourist or a local, having a reliable tour guide is essential for navigating the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of this unique destination. The Kolkata / Calcutta Tourist Guide Service team consists of government-approved and private tour guides proficient in various languages, including English, to cater to diverse visitors. These guides possess extensive knowledge about the Sundarbans region, enriching your understanding of its flora, fauna, local communities, and history.

Among the reputable tour operators, Calcutta Walks stands out as the city’s premier walking tour and special interest tour provider, offering immersive experiences round the clock, year-round. With their walking tours, you can explore the Sundarbans like a local, discovering hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and indulging in delectable street food along the way.

During your visit to the Sundarbans National Park, your personal tour guide will provide valuable insights, ensuring you make the most of your time in this breathtaking wilderness. From exploring local attractions to experiencing the region’s wildlife and nature, your guide will unveil hidden treasures known only to locals, elevating your travel experience beyond the ordinary tourist visit. Before setting off for the Sundarbans, make sure to exchange currency for Indian Rupees to facilitate purchases and tipping your tour guide. This preparation ensures a hassle-free and memorable experience with the Kolkata / Calcutta Tourist Guide Service, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the wonders of the Sundarbans National Park. Book your guide now and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this natural paradise.

The Foreigner To Visit Sundarban National Park

Sundarban Luxury Tour Package – Exclusive Tour Foreigner Tourist

For the smooth and hassle-free journey of foreign travelers visiting Sundarbans from Kolkata, it’s essential to provide them with a comprehensive guide. This ensures they navigate through their trip seamlessly and have a memorable experience in India’s natural wonderland. Let’s delve into a clear-cut guide to Sundarbans for foreigners, starting from their arrival at Kolkata Airport:

  1. Plan from Kolkata Airport: Upon landing in Kolkata, the planning begins. Utilize Google Maps to ascertain the distance to Sundarbans from Kolkata, facilitating the next steps of your journey.
  2. Contact a Travel Agent or Travel Independently: Decide whether to engage a local travel agent or travel independently. A travel agent’s expertise can be beneficial, but if trust is a concern, independent travel is also an option.
  3. Handle Dealings Carefully: Whether booking a car or engaging a travel agent, exercise caution in all dealings. Seek advice from locals if uncertain about rates or costs to ensure fair transactions.
  4. Book Accommodation Wisely: Upon reaching Sundarbans, carefully select and book accommodation, be it a hotel or a houseboat. While locals are generally trustworthy, it’s prudent to remain vigilant and ensure all arrangements are made securely.
  5. Immerse Yourself in Sundarbans’ Wonders: Sundarbans is a realm of natural beauty and wildlife. Embrace the experience wholeheartedly and revel in the wonders of this unique ecosystem. Whether exploring the wilderness or opting for a houseboat stay, soak in the tranquility and marvel at the wildlife.

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