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This watchtower offers a stunning panoramic view of the Sundarbans, making it a popular tourist spot. Visitors can keep an eye out for tigers, deer, and other wildlife while enjoying the scenery. The forest office here issues permissions for exploring other parts of the Sundarbans. Inside, a hall displays a selection of photographs capturing birds and animals taken by forest officials. The watchtower, accommodating up to 25 people, is a prime spot for tiger sightings, with chances to see axis deer, wild boars, and crocodiles as well. Nearby, there’s a sweet water pond frequented by animals for drinking. Beyond the pond lie stretches of vegetation-free land, perfect for spotting animals from afar.Let us have a virtual tour to world’s biggest mangrove forest with us.

Within the Sajnekhali watchtower complex, visitors can explore the Mangrove Interpretation Centre, BonBibi Temple, and Crocodile Park. This watchtower provides an opportunity for up-close wildlife viewing. Bird enthusiasts can look out for seven colorful species of kingfishers, white-bellied sea eagles, plovers, lapwings, curlews, whimbrels, sandpipers, and occasional pelicans. Additionally, the West Bengal Tourism Department Corporation’s Tourist Lodge is conveniently located at Sajnekhali.

Explore the enchanting wonders of the Sunderbans with these must-visit destinations:

Sajnekhali Watch Tower: Serving as the gateway to the Sunderban Tiger Reserve, the Sajnekhali Watch Tower offers a premier wildlife viewing experience. Visitors can observe wildlife up close and explore attractions such as the Crocodile Pond, Tortoise Pond, Mangrove Interpretation Center, Banabibi Temple, and Nature Observatory Center.

Sajnekhali Watch Tower:

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower and Mangrove Park: Nestled along the Sudhanyakhali River, this watch tower provides a unique vantage point to spot tigers and other wildlife. A sweet water pond attracts wild animals, including axis deer. The location also features a Mangrove Park for a comprehensive nature experience.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower and Mangrove Park:

Dobanki Watch Tower: Immerse yourself in the forest canopy with a unique wildlife experience at Do Banki Watch Tower. The natural canopy walk, spanning half a kilometer, offers glimpses of chital deer and a sweet water pond amidst the lush surroundings.

Dobanki Watch Tower

Netidhopani Watch Tower: Steeped in folklore, this site associated with the Behula and Lakhindar legend houses a 400-year-old temple. Netidhopani Watch Tower provides a mysterious atmosphere, a sweet water pond, and a watchtower accommodating 20 people at a time.

Netidhopani Watch Tower:

Dayapur: Located near Sajnekhali and Pakhiralay, Dayapur features a Bird Sanctuary project and is renowned as a Sunset Point. The village offers a rustic charm with thatched or tiled roof huts, paddy fields, and a peaceful ambiance.

Gosaba: Established by Sir Daniel Hamilton, Gosaba was an ideal village with a cooperative upliftment program. The village boasts a bungalow belonging to Becan Saheb, contributing to its historical significance.

Burirdabri Watch Tower: Famous for its mud walk and mangrove cage trail leading to the Raymongal viewpoint, Burirdabri Watch Tower provides stunning views of Bangladesh. With a capacity for 15 people, this tower is a unique destination in the Sunderbans.

Burirdabri Watch Tower:

Sindarkati (Bonny Camp): Home to the highest watchtower, Sindarkati is located 30 km from Bhagabatpur. The Sundarkati Eco-Tourism Center offers close views of a sweet-water pond and a museum showcasing Sunderban through captivating visuals.

Kalash Camp Watch Tower: Positioned as the last island in the Sunderbans near the Bay of Bengal, Kalash Camp Watch Tower provides breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. This location is also a nesting place for Olive Ridley Turtles, adding to its natural allure.

Kalash Camp Watch Tower:

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